Cover image of A Fading Star by Greg Hickey

Earth is dying. Ravaged by disease, hunger, climate change and world wars. Can humanity unite to avoid extinction?

In 2153, cancer was cured. In 2189, AIDS. It seemed like humanity was headed for the stars.

Global population soared, surpassing 24 billion. Then came the floods, washing over Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Jakarta, Dhaka and New Orleans. Then a fourth world war, with 289 million casualties. Frequent droughts plague Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Mexico City, São Paulo, Stockholm, Vienna and Moscow. Now humanity teeters on the brink of extinction.

A few individuals fight for our survival. A determined physicist. A brilliant oncologist. A team of daring astronauts. A small group of investors funds a desperate search for another habitable planet. But time is running out.

A Fading Star is the story of humanity’s possible future, from the inventive mind of Amazon-bestselling author Greg Hickey. Discover what we’ll achieve. Shudder as we tear each other apart. Mourn our dying planet. Hope for a new beginning.

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