Got book withdrawal?

You just closed your new favorite book. You read it everywhere. On the bus. At lunch. In bed at night until you couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer. You couldn’t put it down until the very last word. 

Until now. Now it’s over. You try to hold on to that feeling of being in the middle of the story. You try to remember how it felt to read each sentence for the very first time. It was incredible, mesmerizing, mind-blowing. And you can never get it back. 

You know you’ll read the author’s other books. You know you’ll browse the Related Products section on Amazon to find similar stories. But those books won’t be this book. Those books won’t be THE book. 

“How did the author do that?” you wonder. “What inspired him to write this? How did he conceive the story? How long did it take to write?”

A book isn't just a collection of words on a page.

A book is a world unto its own. It’s a unique experience for every reader. And when you find a world that feels like home, a world that captivates you, that makes you feel like it was created just for you, you never want to leave.

That’s why I created a new five-part email series called Building the Book. It’s a behind-the-scenes peek at why and how I wrote my debut novel Our Dried Voices.

Building the Book is completely free. There are no strings attached. You’ll get one email per week for five weeks that will take you through the journey that was Our Dried Voices.

Building the Book: Our Dried Voices

Go inside the story.

Building the Book will let you in on the story behind Our Dried Voices. You’ll learn what it’s like to create a novel, from the spark of an idea, through years of writing and editing, all the way to a published book. Plus, I’ve loaded each email in the series with bonus content like my personal notes, diagrams and edited drafts that will bring the story to life before your eyes.

Here’s what previous readers have said about Building the Book: Our Dried Voices:

Review of Building the Book: Our Dried Voices
Review of Building the Book: Our Dried Voices

It's okay if you haven't read Our Dried Voices.

Building the Book won’t spoil the story for you. You’ll just get to experience this new world from a different angle. Whether you’re a reader in search of behind-the-scenes details on what goes into writing a novel or an aspiring writer hoping to jump-start a new project, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Building the Book: Our Dried Voices.

Join Building the Book for free right now, and you’ll get the first two chapters of Our Dried Voices delivered immediately to your inbox, followed shortly by the first email in the series.