3 Novels That Make Brilliant Use of Unconventional Structure

3 books with an unconventional structure

Stereotypically, a story has a beginning, a middle and an end. And more often than not, they occur in that order, starting with the earliest relevant chronological event and moving linearly through time before ending with the last relevant event. A narrator, usually a character in the story or an omniscient observer, relates the events. A story that experiments with … Read more

10 Contemporary Interactive Books for Adults

Cover images of four interactive books for adults

For readers who grew up loving the Choose Your Own Adventure series, here are 10 contemporary interactive books for adults. From horror to romance to memoir to thought-provoking literary fiction and more, there’s something for everyone in this list. And all of these books encourage the reader to participate in the story by making decisions and following specific paths. But … Read more

Reading The Friar’s Lantern on The Sample Chapter Podcast

The Sample Chapter Podcast

In this interview on The Sample Chapter Podcast, host Jason Meuschke and I discuss my career as a writer, from the moment I discovered my love for storytelling to my forthcoming novel Parabellum. We talk in detail about my most recent novel The Friar’s Lantern, with a special focus on the challenges of writing an interactive novel and the nuts … Read more

A Cyberspace Salon

Madame Perry's Cyberspace Salon

Host Jennifer Perry describes her podcast as a cyberspace salon in which she plays the role of arts patroness hosting discussions with musicians, artists, writers, philosophers, etc. The show fits that description to a T. After a very gracious introduction, Jennifer and I discuss my international baseball career and the story behind the story of The Friar’s Lantern. Plus, she … Read more

Chatting with Sherri

A casual book conversation on the Chatting with Sherri Podcast

Host Sherri Rabinowitz has a knack for making her guests feel at home on the Chatting with Sherri Podcast. The discussions feel like informal conversations rather than rigid Q&A sessions. In this casual conversation on the podcast, Sherri and I discuss life under COVID-19, gardening and how I came to write my novel The Friar’s Lantern. Listen to the complete … Read more

The Friar’s Lantern in the Age of COVID-19

The Friar's Lantern in the Age of COVID-19

Host Delilah Jones and I discuss philosophy, neuroscience and more in conjunction with my novel The Friar’s Lantern on ImaginePublicity on Air. Delilah even asked me a surprise question about how to apply the lessons of the novel to the current COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to going down a fascinating rabbit hole about how our brains make choices, we talk … Read more

Choice and Consequence in The Friar’s Lantern

Discussing choice and consequence and other themes from The Friar's Lantern on the GSMC Book Review Podcast

Sarah Meckler and I discuss choice and consequence and more themes from The Friar’s Lantern on the GSMC Book Review Podcast. Sarah is an insightful reader who posed several great questions about the book, including one I had never been asked before concerning the challenge of writing characters for a choose-your-own-adventure novel. We also talk about my inspiration for The … Read more

Read Learn Live Podcast

The Friar's Lantern by Greg Hickey

Host Jon Menaster and I talk in-depth about my novel The Friar’s Lantern on the Read Learn Live Podcast. Jon is a really bright guy and an astute reader, and he breaks down all the big questions in the book. When we taped the episode, it felt more like a book club discussion than an interview. Jon and I discuss the … Read more

Write On Radio Interview

Reading from The Friar's Lantern during my Write On Radio interview

Here’s a recording of an interview I did on the Write On Radio show on KFAI Minneapolis/St. Paul. We talk about my journey to becoming an author and the particular challenges of writing my novel The Friar’s Lantern. Listen here.

The Bazaar Cast Interview

Logo for The Bazaar Cast podcast

Here’s an interview I did about The Friar’s Lantern on The Bazaar Cast podcast. This podcast is a great source for discovering independent creators working in experimental or niche genres (like an adult choose-your-own-adventure novel). Host Richard Martin and I talk in-depth about my experience writing The Friar’s Lantern and some of the issues in the story. My interview starts … Read more