5 Writing Lessons from My Second Novel

5 Things I Learned from Writing My Second Novel

My first novel Our Dried Voices was published three years ago. As you might expect, I learned a lot going from publishing newbie to debut author, and I reflected on five of those writing lessons in this article. But as long as you remain willing to learn, the lessons never end. Three years later, and two months removed from the … Read more

Big Ideas: The Friar’s Lantern

Big Ideas: The Friar's Lantern

As a written work grows in length, it becomes harder to keep the story unified under a few overarching ideas. (Especially for part-time writers like me who aren’t engaged with their stories for several hours each day). And it’s even more difficult in a choose-your-adventure novel like The Friar’s Lantern, which has several different story threads, each one with its own characters, … Read more