Dystopia March Madness

Last year, I published my list of The 110 Best Dystopian Novels, based on curated lists from publications like the Huffington Post, ShortList and Wired, suggestions from readers on Goodreads and Reddit, and picks from dystopian fiction authors like Neal Shusterman, Joelle Charbonneau, David Brin and Lois Lowry.

As with any list of this nature, everyone has a book they think was unfairly excluded or one that was overrated. That’s why I’m giving you the chance to pick your favorite dystopian novel in a March Madness-style bracket competition.

126 books from my initial list were assigned to one of four regionals and seeded #1 through #32. Higher seeded books were matched head-to-head against lower seeded books (#1 vs. #32, #2 vs. #31, etc.). Each day in March, you will have the chance to vote on the best book in each matchup. The book with the most votes will advance to the next round of voting until one book is left standing (in case of a tie, the higher-ranked book on my list will advance).


Cover of Contagious by Jacqueline Druga

Contagious by Jacqueline Druga


Cover of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brackets (click to enlarge)

Final Four of Dystopia March Madness
Oceania Regional of Dystopia March Madness
Gilead Regional of Dystopia March Madness

After Ford Regional of Dystopia March Madness
Firehouse Regional of Dystopia March Madness