The Friar's Lantern Reader Poll #1: Do You Have Free Will?

Reader Poll #4

John and his wife surprise an intruder in their home. The intruder kills John’s wife and escapes as John fires his gun after him. A week later, John foils a robbery attempt, knocking the assailant to the ground and rescuing his victim. As John stands over the assailant, he recognizes him as his wife’s killer. He shoots the assailant with his own gun and kills him. John is charged with voluntary manslaughter and secondary degree murder. The prosecution argues that the seven days following his wife’s death were enough time to allow a reasonable person’s emotions to settle; therefore, he is guilty of murder. A scientist from the UCLA study (see Reader Poll #2) testifies for the defense as to the possibility of the human brain making decisions beyond self-reported intentions. You are a member of the jury.