Cover of The Event Horizon Murder by Greg Hickey

A battle-scarred detective. A dead-end case. In a future of digital disguises and subterranean hideouts, can he find an elusive killer?

Law enforcement is in Detective Marcus Carver’s blood. And with the help of Chicago’s citywide surveillance, he excels at tracking and catching killers. But when a politician’s son is slain in the city’s blacked-out cyberpunk gang territory, Carver has everyone’s attention and no leads on the murderer.

His boss breathing down his neck doesn’t help Carver’s authority issues, but with the victim’s family growing desperate, Carver runs down every hint of a trail. And when his most promising lead evaporates, Carver finds himself out of clues and short on time.

Can Carver catch the killer before someone buries the truth for good?

The Event Horizon Murder is the prequel to the Marcus Carver Sci-Fi Crime Series. If you like stories about mass surveillance, futuristic cityscapes and hard-boiled detectives, then you’ll love Greg Hickey’s tense sci-fi crime novella.

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