The Friar's Lantern Reader Poll #1: Do You Have Free Will?

An Adult Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Experience a childhood favorite with a grown-up twist in The Friar’s Lantern.

You may win $1,000,000. You will judge a man of murder.

Choose your own adventure makes a comeback in The Friar’s Lantern. Readers rave:

  • “Greg Hickey is a wonderfully gifted author, and The Friar’s Lantern is extremely articulate and well-written.”
  • “This book really makes you think! It’s fun to find an adult choose your own adventure book and think back fondly to those you read as a kid.”
  • The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey was everything I hoped it would be and more.”

An eccentric scientist tells you he can read your mind and offers to prove it in a high-stakes wager. A respected college professor exacts impassioned, heat-of-the-moment revenge on his wife’s killer—a week after her death—and you’re on the jury.

Take a Turing test with a twist, discover how your future choices might influence the past, and try your luck at Three Card Monte. And while you weigh chance, superstition, destiny, intuition and logic in making your decisions, ask yourself: are you responsible for your actions at all?

So choose wisely—if you can.

But this mind-bending adult choose your own adventure book today!


Amazon Reviews of The Friar's Lantern

Greg Hickey is a wonderfully gifted author, and “The Friar’s Lantern” is extremely articulate and well-written. Add to this that the author is also, evidently, a talented mathematician and sociologist, and you might have some idea of what to expect from this entertaining, engrossing first person role-play challenge.

This book really makes you think! It’s fun to find an adult choose your own adventure book and think back fondly to those you read as a kid. With each choice I was second guessing myself and really contemplating the consequences of my actions.

“The Friar’s Lantern” by Greg Hickey was everything I hoped it would be and more. He treats the readers like the adults we are but also takes great care to keep with the [choose your own adventure] CYOA tropes we all know and love. I found myself going back, just as I did with the books as a child, to certain decisions and going the other direction to see what would have befallen my character. I was pleased with my fantastic original decision that lead to my character winning a million dollars. Within this fun format, some real issues are discussed: grief, power of the mind, murder, and ethics of psychological experiments to name a few.

I highly recommend this book for anyone missing the CYOA nostalgia in your life but finding the originals now a bit unsatisfying. Who knows? You may win a million dollars!

I loved the choose your own adventure aspect of this book. It makes you feel like you’re a part of the plot as opposed to just reading a story from an outsider’s perspective. The choices give you an opportunity to really think about what’s going on in the book and come to your own decisions. It’s also fun that you can go back and choose differently and essentially read a different book!

Choices… you should choose to read this book. While it may not lead to a straight cash money windfall, it will entertain AND make you think… overall a bargain for your time and money.

I read this in two days, I needed the escape, and this book delivers, fantastic read, thank you for this!

The Friar’s Lantern is a fun, well constructed and fast paced novel. If you are the type of reader who enjoys thinking about how you think, view the world in pieces of wonderment, have an open mind, like your novels with topical references (sometimes obscure and sometimes not) and enjoy playing a role in the book you are reading, this book is definitely for you. It was easy to, and I anticipate the author wanted you to, do a little research on your own about topics he pursues in this novel. The Friar’s Lantern is thought provoking in the sense that it makes you look at parts of the world you see but often skip past. Give it a try. You’ll like it, maybe even love it. I will read more by this author, Greg Hickey.

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